Foxwell GT80 Mini: how to restore the uninstalled programs and vehicles?

Ordered one Foxwell GT80 Mini at Friday, Feb 3, 2017 from

Code on the back of the unit : QCD5232xxx-xxx

Serial number: N80001G0xxxxx

Register password: 75xxxx

Date of production: 20150204

Hard ware and software versions: 1.01


I inadvertently uninstalled the program, got it restored, then inadvertently uninstall all of the vehicles, that’s what I want to put back in.

The update won’t show my GT80 Mini. I’m trying to put everything back to factory original.


This had all started with Microsoft update and upgrade and removal of things on the drive for this procedure.

I inadvertently uninstalled the vehicles and cannot get it back. When I tried to, on the Foxwell Update software that require the software serial # and pass code it wont go on the list, but a popup saying it’s registered.


I am at the end of the rope trying to put this back like it used to be. I use this scanner on my own cars and a motorcycle (using the OBD2/Can). I do not use this as a business tool, for my personal use only.


I am very computer literate, there’s a control from the servers I cannot work with and will not try unless someone from Foxwell permits me to. I will be willing to send this unit to a service center in the US if you have any, or I would not object to sending this to your factory to straighten out. I can’t go any further with something I cannot use as a tool.


I had brought a oscilloscope tool OS100, a battery analyzer tool BT-705 and a BMW MINI Scanner 14020SCH (which I no longer have).

I am very happy with these products and I feel, they are excellent professional tools for my personal use.


So, I am begging for someone’s, help on this and don’t want to my GT80 MINI go useless and unwanted. It’s worth more to me then that. tech support replied:

The item Foxwell GT80 Mini can be restored via the update tool from official website. Please have a look :


If you have the same problem, you can contact at


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Foxwell GT80 Mini: how to restore the uninstalled programs and vehicles?