Foxwell GT80 / GT80 Plus FAQ from foxwellshop customers

This post collect all of Foxwell GT80 / GT80 Plus questions and engineer answers from foxwelltool customers, hope it enlighten others who are interested in this tool. BTW, Foxwell GT80 and GT80 Plus share the same function and vehicle coverage, the only difference is GT80 is built in with battery and with a different case at a half price.

Foxwell GT80 / GT80 Plus FAQ from foxwellshop customers

Foxwell GT80 / GT80 Plus FAQ from foxwellshop customers

Questions about function:


The gt-80 plus have tpms program functions?? also its capable to update by itself via interner and foxwell have oscilloscope feature or tools for sale?

Answer: Foxwell GT80 has the function of TPMS programming, but only program TPMS ECU to indentify new sensor, it can’t program blank sensor. GT80 has oscilloscope feature and tools for sale in



I have a 2010 BMW 335d, 2003 Volvo S40, 2012 Volvo S60, 2004 BMW Z4 2.5L, 2004 Ford Ranger 4.0L and a 1998 Toyota Rav4.

I have to replace the battery on the BMW 335d so the ability to reset Battery configuration is a must have feature.

The 2003 Volvo S40’s Air Bag light is on, so Air Bag code reading/reset is also a plus feature.


I’d also like to be able to read/reset more than just the P codes. (Multi-system diagnosis?)

ABS would also be nice to have.

And the ability to reset service reminders on the BMWs and Volvos.

I also understand that some of your scan tools allow for changing settings such as “close window from key fob”

I am more than just a backyard mechanic, but I’m not a professional mechanic.

I have looked at your NT510, NT644, NT1001 and NT4021 and am not sure exactly which one would best fit my shopping list.

Answer: recommend you choose GT80 Plus, this machine can realize the function you need.

$1,200 free shipping worldwide.

If you consider this tool not reasonable at price, recommend you Foxwell NT4021 for for battery configuration and Foxwell NT644 for diagnose.


Question: I am looking for a scan tool that will do OBD2, CAN, TPMS, and SRS what do you recommend?

What about NT301?

Answer:Foxwell GT80 Next is ok, also NT510 is ok too.

Question: Which one of Foxwell scanner is built in with wifi or Bluetooth?

Answer: for diagnostic scanner, only GT80 is built in with WIFI. For others, CRD700 and DPT701 is built in with WIFI, and it can connect to the computer via the extra WIFI, then test the common rail pressure and print data via the APP on the computer.  BT-705 Battery Analyzer is built in with Bluetooth, you are able to install Bluetooth and print data.


Question: Foxwell GT80 plus (or GT80): If the different languages with different functions?

Answer: same function with different language, usually GT80 is available with English + one local language. You are not suggested change language from one to another and then to another too frequently, foxwell tech is able to help you although, you are supposed to update before use.


GT80 is built in with battery and GT80 plus is not

Q: I need to cancel the order for the GT80. Sorry, my customer didn’t realise there is no internal battery fitted , only GT80 plus has battery. Very sorry for this.

A: No problem, i have issue you refund via paypal, please check.


Q: I am inquiring if you offer a dropshiping service?

A: Yes, we can do drop-ship service. Please add foxwelltool on Skype:


Question: How is the update charge after the free updating period?

Answer: 18-Month Free Updates. After free update period, update cost is 500USD/year. well before releasing. You can upgradeGT80 Plus online in future to get the Ferrari car model.



Question: the GT80 Plus diagnostic platform can cover Ferrari? Please advise.

Answer: Ferrari is under testing now, we estimate to release it within half month to one month, must test it



Q: Specific question regarding the e46 M3’s. Is the GT80 Plus capable of coding an SMG car to a manual? We currently have an Autologic, which is considerably more expensive than the GT80, but it has problems 50% of the time accomplishing this task without issue. I would be interested in moving to your product if it is as capable as the Autologic and can handle the smg to manual conversion without problem.

A: Sorry GT80 not support BMW E46 this function.

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Foxwell GT80 / GT80 Plus FAQ from foxwellshop customers