[Foxwell FAQ 7]Whether Foxwell can be upgraded across models

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Question (@Max Planck):

Reset the airbag codes on a 2007 chevy Silverado pick-up, can NT510 Elite do it? If possible, give the path, please.


Support, it is recommended to use AUTOVIN or Diagnostic to enter GM and use SmartVIN for Quick Scan. The specific configuration when selecting a car model needs to be checked on the vehicle nameplate or selected according to the VIN code


Question (@Marie Skłodowska-Curie):

I used NT510 Elite to diagnose 2015 Mercedes V220 SE, but found that no functions can be used. It says: “No model designation could be found. Please manually select the model designation“.

[Foxwell FAQ 7]Whether Foxwell can be upgraded across models


Need to update the latest version of the software.


Question (@Albert Einstein):

NT510 Elite, when I inserted the card because there was a hole next to the card slot, I inserted the card into the gap next to it and fell into the casing of the device. Can I directly disassemble the casing and take out the card. Is it technically difficult?

[Foxwell FAQ 7]Whether Foxwell can be upgraded across models


There is not much technical difficulty, it can be disassembled, just be careful.

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Question (@Niels Bohr):

Can NT530 support the 2020 car? My car is 2020 VW Jetta. Does it support it?


Foxwell supports most of the cars in 2020, but the support list for 2021 is not complete. Back to your question, Foxwell NT530 supports 2020 VW Jetta.

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Question (@Charles Wilson):

Does NT530 support the “battery configuration” function? I can’t find this function interface.


Our equipment cannot do this function.

It should be noted that the function supported by NT530 should be “battery registration”, not “battery configuration”, and only supports the replacement of the same type and capacity battery registration.


Question (@Arthur Compton):

My car is 2003 Mini Cooper S R53 1598 CC. Can NT510 Elite support the “ABS bleed” function of my car?


Can support, path: MINI–SmartVin—Service–Chassis–ABS.


Question (@Max Born):

If I buy Foxwell 650 Elite can update the software for Foxwell Nt680 Pro?


No, Foxwell products cannot be upgraded across models.

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[Foxwell FAQ 7]Whether Foxwell can be upgraded across models


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[Foxwell FAQ 7]Whether Foxwell can be upgraded across models

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[Foxwell FAQ 7]Whether Foxwell can be upgraded across models