[Foxwell FAQ 6] Foxwell compatible with third-party cables?

Hi everyone, welcome to watch “Foxwell FAQ“. Because there is a holiday in early May, the FAQ this week came out a bit late (but it was finally released on Saturday).


Question (@Odin):

Will the NT510 elite work on my 2004 Lexus GX470–to upload new TPMS sensor ID’s and to reset the system for all new sensors?

I bought your T1000…it only reads and activates the sensor itself.

I does not plug into the vehicles OBDII connection and re-register new sensor ID #s into the Lexus GX470 TPMS computer.


NT510 Elite can do this function, T2000 can do the above two functions (reads and activates the sensor and reset the system for all new sensors)


Question (@Thor):

When NT510 is used in Ford cars, it prompts: The unique PCMPowertrain Control Module) identifier is unrecognized

Please record information and send an email to dealer!

[Foxwell FAQ 6] Foxwell compatible with third-party cables?


Indicates that the car model is not supported, and NT530 is recommended. Foxwell remade the Ford software.


Question (@Baldur):

I have a 2009 Jaguar XF and are in process to service the ZF gear box, I understand I would need to reset the transmission’s adaptation values after service. Could you please advice if your tool would be able to do the reset?


We recommend NT530


Question (@Bragi):

With NT650 Elite, can I pick up lines other than the packaging accessories? An adapter cable like 30pin.


Yes, and if you have not bought an adapter cable, we recommend using a Foxwell adapter cable.

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[Foxwell FAQ 6] Foxwell compatible with third-party cables?

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[Foxwell FAQ 6] Foxwell compatible with third-party cables?