Foxwell battery tester figured why not swap Ford Transit Batteries Over

Let’s start this post with a question: Ford Transit Euro 5 Sport, I’ve read as much as I can find in the dual battery set up but all seem to relate to start stop models. Mine isn’t and has the 2nd battery cos it’s a sport. ha ring the radio cut out issue at the mo and 1 battery measuring 12.5v and the measure side measuring 11.7v
I can’t seem to find if both are interlinked like the start stop and thus both have to be replaced ? not sure why both need to be replaced if 1 is for cranking and the other for in cab electrics – anyways i wanted to fit a measure grade battery i there instead of a cranking one

Can I fit a leisure battery in there for what is effectively it’s correct purpose ? 


Suggestion: No, it needs to be the same spec as the van battery.

They have a relay that Connects them together when you turn the ignition on and stays for a short time when it is turned off it’s so you don’t flatten the starter battery when stud with any lights on if you only charge one the weak battery will drag the new battery down and eventually kill it .



I spent some time yesterday sorting it out

I have a foxwell battery tester and so ran some tests on both batteries and alternator. It would appear the rear battery is for cranking and the front for electronics.

Both batteries passed but the SAE rating was way better on the front , also small bit of corrosion on the rear. I figured why not swap them over.

I did notice the rear was sitting under load under 12v.

I think the stereo issue is now resolved but haven’t had the time to sit there and check it thoroughly yet.

FYI, Foxwell BT715 Battery Analyzer is the top choice among Foxwell battery tester.


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Foxwell battery tester figured why not swap Ford Transit Batteries Over