Ford OBD diagnostic and module coding tool advice – Foxwell NT510 scanner

Euro / USA/ Asia Ford obd diagnostic and module coding tool advice – Foxwell NT510 handheld scanner is the best choice because it is much cheaper than VCM and no need additional computer to install the driver. It is the ideal for specialist garages and car enthusiasts.


Ford vehicle coverage:

Cover Ford cars from around 1999 to 2016

Models must have 16-pin diagnostic connector.


General functions:

Generally speaking, Foxwell NT510 Ford scan tool allows the user to read and clear the Diagnostic Trouble Codes of all electronically controlled systems, and to reset oil and service lights, plus many more advanced features such as bi-directional component actuations and module coding – usually only seen in high-end professional tools such as the GT80.

Foxwell NT510 will also read and erase engine fault codes and show live engine data on EOBD compliant cars (nearly all 2001+ petrol cars and 2004+ diesel cars, from any car manufacturer).


Detailed function in list:

Read and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) from most (if not all) electronically controlled systems, including Engine, ABS, Airbag, Automatic Transmission, Immobiliser and Climate Control

Turns off dashboard warning lights

Displays fault code definitions on-screen (where available)

Displays live sensor data

Displays live data graphs, including graph merging

Resets oil service indicator

Performs Electronic Parking Brake service functions

Performs bi-directional component actuations – manually operating components on the car to test their function

Offers module coding support

Reads and Erases engine fault codes on EOBD compliant cars (all* 2001+ petrol cars and 2004+ diesel cars)

Display live engine sensor data on EOBD compliant cars



  1. No need to run with a computer, but with 2.8 inch backlit colour LCD display which is quick and easy to use, and allow user to view fault code definitions on-screen.
  2. No batteries required – powered from the car’s diagnostic port


Who can use Foxwell NT510?

Garage technicians

Home use



FREE updates for the first 18 months after registration



1 year


European Ford Models:











Ka Mk1 (Please note the Fiat 500 based Ka Mk2 is not supported)

Maverick (only models with 16-pin socket)





Tourneo Connect


Transit Connect


Other Models:

Foxwell NT510 also features coverage for some Ford USA models, including Lincoln and Mercury brands.


Foxwell NT510 function list:

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Ford OBD diagnostic and module coding tool advice - Foxwell NT510 scanner