(Fixed) Foxwell NT1001 TPMS Trigger Tool “Undefined sensor type” error

This post provides solution for Foxwell NT1001 TPMS Trigger Tool error “Undefined sensor type”.


Solution / How to fix “Undefined sensor type” error?

Generally speaking

When you use NT1001, firstly please make sure the distance between the vehicle wheel and machine not exceed 5CM, then use the built-in magnet to move around the sensor to adjust the frequency, when the device can read your sensor, it means you have adjusted frequency successfully. When you update, firstly turn off the machine, then hold down the “Help” key, then connect to the computer.”


Step – to – step procedure on how to use Foxwell NT1001 to active wheel?

Activation in All Wheel Mode

The all wheel mode provides a vehicle icon on the screen to give user prompts for each wheel. In this mode, each TPM has wheel locations of LF (Left Front), RF (Right Front), RR (Right Rear), LR (Left Rear) and spare (if the car has a spare tire).

  1. In all wheel mode, the solid spot flashes at the wheel to be tested. Depending on the sensor type, place the tool to the correct position to insure sensor activation and decode. Below is a chart illustrating how to correctly place the tool.

foxwell nt1001 active all wheel-01



  1. Press Test to test the TPM. If test passes, TPM data is briefly displayed for 3 seconds and then the solid spot on the vehicle icon moves around to prompt that the next wheel should be tested. Or manually move around vehicle using UP/DOWN arrow keys.

Foxwell NT1001 active all wheel-02 (Sample All Wheel Test Data Screen)



  1. TPM data is stored and can be accessed by selecting a wheel location and press the YES key.
  2. Depending on test results, one of the following possible scenarios may display.

Foxwell NT1001 active all wheel-03



Operator can press the NO key to abort the sensor activation and return to previous menu at any time.


Activation in One Wheel Mode

This section illustrates how to test TPM sensor in one wheel mode. In this mode, TPM data is displayed and stored immediately.

  1. In one wheel mode, the screen displays as below when the TPM sensor is selected.

Foxwell NT1001 active all wheel-04


  1. Refer to Table 4-1 in page 12 to correctly place the trigger tool and press the Test key.


  1. The tool moves to next wheel to be tested automatically or manually select a wheel to test using UP/DOWN arrow keys. Repeat the steps to complete test of all wheels.

Foxwell NT1001 active all wheel-05


  1. Press YES key to review test results.

Foxwell NT1001 active all wheel-06


[Pos] – Indicates the wheel sensor position.

[ID-H/D] – Shows sensor ID data.

[KPa/Psi/Bar] – Indicates wheel pressure.

[℃/℉] – Indicates wheel temperature.

[BAT] – Indicates battery condition.

[Fre.] – Indicates the frequency of the sensor.



Anytime while doing the TPMS test, press HELP key to read the sensor make, OEM part no., and relearn information for the vehicle being tested.

Foxwell NT1001 active all wheel-07



Different ID format, pressure and temperature units will display at the title bar according to the device’s system setting, please refer to 2.7 Settings for detailed guidance.



Good luck

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