Fixed! Foxwell 520 Porsche 997.1 Strange DME report

I was playing around with a friend’s Foxwell 520 on his Porsche 997.1 and pulled up the DME report.71826 Miles
Range 1= 1433 Hours = .6450.3
Range 2= 1143 Hours = .6348.1
Range 3= 103 Hours = . 6348.1
Range 4= 1 Hours = .6348.1
Range 5 and 6 = 0
Total hours 1988.700

A couple of things that I didn’t understand.

1- The hours did not make sense to me. Does it show the hours in the Ranges with the decimal in the wrong place?

and 2- the car shows 73550 KM on the instrument cluster but the DME shows 71826 miles?
The car does have a tune if that would make a difference.


The DME is not an exact science and differences in mileage and actual mileage can and will vary and if I read correctly awhile back, the DME is metric therefore would be registered in km’s not miles so that’s not unusual as for your range reports they look weird to me …something is not correct .. The tune may have affected this ?? How could you have the same number of over rev’s in range 2 , 3 & 4 !! coincidence I think not and I have never seen the decimal thing …. That’s weird ??

Foxwell Nt520 Nt510 Diagnose Porsche 997 01

I too have the Foxwell NT520 and no decimal issue for meMileage variance yes (normal) …Have you updated your Foxwell online ? mine took an update about a month or two ago ..

You are reading it wrong:
Range 1= 1433 = 6450.3
Range 2= 1143 = 6348.1
Range 3= 103 = 6348.1
Range 4= 1 = 6348.1
Range 5 and 6 = 0
Total hours 1988.700

The second number is not hours but the number of times it went into that range. On the hours, it must XXX.XX, so if so it has not seen an overrev since 645 hours, and it obviously had one huge overrev at 634 hours.

Hope it helps!

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