How to set Foxwell NT630 language not the default English?

Foxwell NT630 language is multiple and the default language is English. If you need other languages, you can send the serial number to the dealer and it’s free.

Here several questions Foxwell NT630 users may ask if they want to set the language.

Q: How many languages Foxwell NT630 are available with?

A: Polish, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, etc.


Q: As I know the default language is English, how can I be set to Polish?

A: Yes, you are allowed to set to Polish by supplying your seller Serial Number (S/N) of NT630 to authorize. (


Q: Is this going to cost extra?

A: No, the authorization for language do not cost extra. Just need you to email us the S/N of your NT630 and we will activate the Polish for you.


Q: The activation happens after the sale? or during my purchase?

A: After you received the scanner, and you need email us the S/N so that we can activate it for you.


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