FAQ about Foxwell GT80 Diagnostic Platform

This blog summarizes the frequently asked questions about Foxwell GT80 professional diagnostic system. Most of them are about supported model vehicles and functions. GT80 is a Window 8 based universal diagnostic scan tool. It’s coverage includes 58 vehicle brands and it has access to trouble codes, live data stream and bi-dirctional controls on all control modules (ABS, airbags, instrument cluster, etc.). In addition, it has access to the most commonly required service features like brake deactivation, service resets, and transmission adaptations and more.

FAQ about Foxwell GT80 Diagnostic Platform


Q1:The GT80 plus have tpms program functions?? Also its capable to update by itself via internet and Foxwell have oscilloscope feature or tools for sale?

A:GT80 plus has no TPMS function, but GT80 can do TPMS programming. But it can only identify new sensor through programming TPMS ECU, cannot program new blank sensor. Besides, GT80 scanner can support Oscilloscope in July.


Q2: Does your Foxwell NT644 can do calibrate diesel injectors?

A: No, but Foxwell GT80 can do the special function calibrate diesel injectors.


Q3: Can Foxwell GT80 and GT80 plus support wireless connection between device and vehicle.

A: you need test line when communication with vehicle.


Q4: I would like to diagnose roof control module function, reset service interval and carry out actuator test functions such as open the boot. Could you recommend scanners to do my Renault Megane 3 1.9 diesel 61 plate?

A: Only Foxwell NT510 and Foxwell GT80 can realize that.


Q5: Can Foxwell GT80 support vehicle in 2015 year? Can it support update?
A: Yes, it can support model vehicle till 2016 year, and it can support online update with 18months for free.


Q6: What’s the distinction between Foxwell GT80 and Foxwell GT80 plus?

A: The new diagnostic tool Foxwell GT80 scanner has the same function as GT80 Plus. Their only differences lie in product shell and power supply.
GT80 plus can be powered by either internal battery or vehicle.
GT80 do not have internal battery, which should be powered from vehicle OBD.

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FAQ about Foxwell GT80 Diagnostic Platform