Experience with Foxwell NT510 for BMW, Mini and Toyota

I’m very interested in Foxwell NT510 scan tool to use for BMW and MINI. It looks like an excellent tool and I’m excited to see that it can read manufacturer-specific codes as well as perform a large number of Actuations/functions etc.


Paid $159 free shipping (Save up $20) when www.foxwelltool.com has promotion during Spring Festival Holiday, and also received the package some days late by DHL.


For the price, the Foxwell tool is worth buying for the powerful function it works:

can code a battery.

Can retract EPB’s, codes and graphs on top of retrieving BMW specific codes

Cleared almost all errors

Reads both OBDII codes and has all the functions of a BMW scan tool as well

Read a check engine light (VANOS) solenoid

Cleared the wear indicators on transmission and transfer case fluid after I changed them and helped me diagnose a few other things.

To pull up the live data for the coolant and pump, worked like a charm

Foxwell NT510 has more than paid for itself with airbag & service resets and pointing me towards a faulty vanos (problem gone)


Register ID and have BMW/MINI software:

After received Foxwell NT510, the menu is blank without BMW/Mini software, I was guided to download at foxwelltech.com, firstly I have to have one FOXWELL ID by using serial number and register password, then I could download the update by PC application, browse www.foxwelltech.com and go the Product page. Find your product model and click it to view the product profile. Select Download tab to download the PC application file. You could also go to your Member Center and select Registered Product. Click Software Details. You will find the link right on the top of the software. For the continued instruction, foxwelltool.com already list it in their page:



Add a Toyota upgrade:

To add Toyota I paid 70USD including PayPal fee no shipping cost, then send foxwelltool.com the NT510 serial number and wait.

PS: NT510 supports adding up to 5 car brands (Picked from: Ford, BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Holden, Land Rover, OPEL, Toyota and VAG).


Upgrades cost for MINI and Toyota:

I could update MINI and Toyota by connecting the NT510 SD Card to PC, then browse www.foxwelltech.com. I need no worry about how to do, I was given the manual:



Technical support:

Before I order, I have one question “Would I be able to deal directly with FoxWellTool for all support for this tool, including but not limited to hardware, software, firmware, documentation, upgrades, troubleshooting, operational support?”

Actually yes, any question above-mentioned I could directly ask Emilia and get reply within 24 hours.


Foxwell NT510 Vs. Schwaben

I’ve also seen a similar product sold by ECS Tuning that they call the Schwaben (“by Foxwell”) Professional BMW/MINI Scan Tool. At the beginning, I have no ideal how is the ECS Tuning offering different from Foxwell nt510(e.g. do I purchase the nt510 for BMW then purchase an upgrade for MINI)?

Finally, I sort it out and hope this helps.



Both are 100% the same, they have same functionalities. I will explain… Foxwell is the maker of the software and producer of the tool. So, Schwaben and ECS get their support from Foxwell.



1). Foxwell NT510 is the orange and black color, Schwaben is the black and grey color.

Here Foxwell NT510 for BMW, $179 free shipping at foxwelltool.com, 3-5 working days delivery by DHL.

Experience with Foxwell NT510 for BMW, Mini and Toyota

Here Schwaben BMW scan tool, $199.95

2). Foxwell NT510 is optional to add 5 car brands in total, Schwaben BMW scan tool is not.

Experience with Foxwell NT510 for BMW, Mini and Toyota

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Experience with Foxwell NT510 for BMW, Mini and Toyota