Delete crash data from srs modules on all cars- FoxWell NT630 $179 best

Question:   I have a business of car diagnostic (Not a specific car) and would like to find a equipment to delete/reset the crash data in SRS Modules after an accident and airbags deployed.
Does the NT630 reset crash data from SRS Modules?
I already have a equipment to read and reset airbag/srs codes, I just need one to delete crash data from srs modules.

Answer: Yes, FoxWell NT630 can do. $179USD incl. shipping cost only.

Official guide:
FoxWell NT630 user manual

FoxWell NT630 update online instruction

FoxWell NT630 real users’ feedback

How to (Procedure), here some examples:
1. reset SRS Codes on Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ diesel 2.5 1997
2. reset airbag light on KIA Sedona 2008
3. works on Mercedes S550 W222 2015 airbag light on
For more, search NT610 on


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