Can Foxwell NT510 work on Chevrolet Camaro 6th Generation?

Some people ask a same question ” Can Foxwell NT510 work on Chevrolet Camaro 6th Generation?”, the answer is yes, foxwelltech engineers test it works successfully, and meanwhile some users feedback Foxwell NT510 works like a charm on Chevrolet Camaro.


Here Foxwell NT510 test report on Chevrolet Camaro 6th Generation:

ECU info —–OK

read codes —-OK

erase codes—-OK

live data——OK (except the Multi-Axis Acceleration Sensor Module, Steering wheel angle sensor module & passenger presence module)

active test —-OK (except Multi-Axis Acceleration Sensor Module, power steering control module, steering wheel angle sensor module and passenger presence module)

special function—OK (see details in the below pictures)foxwell-nt510-on-chevrolet-camaro

foxwell-nt510-on-chevrolet-camaro-01 foxwell-nt510-on-chevrolet-camaro-02

Using tips:

For the new user, someone may be confused the Foxwell NT510 machine comes with no any vehicle brand software after they receive it, actually they are supposed to download the GM Chevrolet software by following this instruction

Foxwell NT510 machine Update:

Foxwell NT510 update is free online lifetime.

Here NT510 update instructions for reference.

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