BMW F series diagnosis solution: Foxwell NT530, NT624 & NT644

Foxwell NT530, Foxwell NT624 and Foxwell NT644 are confirmed to be able to diagnose BMW F chassis, Foxwell NT520 is not confirmed working although it can diagnose many BMW car models.


Foxwell NT624 & Foxwell NT644 BMW function list (Page 19 – Page 27):


How does Foxwell NT624 diagnose Mini Cooper 07 Drive Chassis Body diagnosis?

Find out Mini Cooper

Choose Model series “E81/E82/E87/E88

Choose Model 128i_N52K_Coupe

Choose version “1 USA_LHD”

Choose mode year “2007_09”


Loading data

Auto scan and Control units


Choose “Control units” and press button “Enter” to choose any of ECU including Drive, Chassis and Body.


Choose “Drive”


Choose Chassis


Choose Body option

There are 41 different functions in total.


Exit Diagnostic system.


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