How BMW X5 E53 ABS block Bleeding using Foxwell NT510 scanner

Below starts with BMW 05 X5 E53 4.4i Dreaded ABS block “air bubble trap”, finally  Foxwell NT510  multi-system scanner bleed the air out of ABS block, go on reading for details.


Car model: BMW 05 X5 E53 4.4i with 90K on the clock


Symptoms and Issue:

Simply speaking, Dreaded ABS block “air bubble trap”.

Description: at the beginning, 05 X5 E53 is no brake pedal. I Topped off the master cylinder (it was only slightly low) and tried to pump them up only to find that I had become yet another victim of the dreaded brake line blowout. – Ended up with a huge puddle under the driver side door and having to replace all of the lines that run down that side. I have that done, I of course can’t get all of the air out of my ABS block.


Device to use:

Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner

How BMW X5 E53 ABS block Bleeding using Foxwell NT510 scanner


I plan to use it to get into “bleed mode” and try to get the rest of the air out of my lines.


Finally, Foxwell NT510 scanner did it:

I get mine Foxwell NT510 scanner, get my ABS bled, which it worked perfectly for by the way and then get slammed at work.

this will be a solid diag and reset tool.

my local Dealership wanted $650 to bleed the air out of my ABS block after I ran my new lines and for $179 I was able to buy the Foxwell, set my ABS to bleed mode and save myself $450 – so all in all, I’m still saying it was a good investment for me in the end.


Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner using tips:

  1. Foxwell NT510 is a multi-brand tool (many manufacturers listed in the manual). It is packed with no car software, you are supposed to register and download one software for free on the official site, and buy additional manufacture packages also via the Foxwelltech site, $60 for each manufacture package.

Update is free for 18 months on foxwelltech site after the end-user registers the tool with Foxwell.


  1. One friend regret getting one clone Foxwell NT510 that was unable to register at official site and update. So, do some homework before buy one is rather important, the original Foxwell NT510 is usually available at the authorized dealer who can off authorized certificate (usually they upload it on their shop, if not contact them). I got mine from this site


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How BMW X5 E53 ABS block Bleeding using Foxwell NT510 scanner