BMW 98 740iL test and diagnose by Foxwell NT510 + 20pin cable -100% OK

I bought Foxwell NT510 BMW specific primarily for my 98 740iL and with a 20 pin under hood cable I was able to access every car module and test and diagnose what I wanted.


It has easy reset oil light function and other basic diagnostics. The level of access is very impressive for a car manufactured in 97. I have also used it to scan/clear codes on a 2005 Mini Cooper S, 2003 Range Rover, 2004 Dodge Ram, 2008 Lincoln Navigator. This scanner comes with BMW/Mini loaded on it and I paid $70 for each additional manufacturer to have on the scanner. Well worth the money if you work on your own cars and ultra portable! The software on windows PC is easy to use and do updates on.


My only complaint is it has a hard time on the older cars reading the VIN automatically and each manufacturer is different to navigate through. These issues are no big deal if you have patience.


In summary I would say Foxwell NT510 is a must for any BMW/Mini owner who does their own work and for the price is worth it.


Great product!


This is Foxwell NT510 package:



And this is BMW 20Pin cable:


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