BMW 530i 2001 ABS light reset with Foxwell NT520

BMW 530i 2001 ABS light reset on, you will need one Foxwell NT520 to read the fault code and see what the module is telling you.

Car model and year: BMW 530i 2001

Symptom: I sent out the ABS Module to have it fix, installed it. The lights came back after a few seconds, so I took the car for a short drive thinking the system needs to re-set and pick up some movement on the wheels for sensors to pick up. The speedometer now works, but all three light are still on.



Get a code reader i.e Foxwell NT520 BMW scanner.
read or get the codes read and see what the module is telling you.


I had a fight some months back with my 2001 525iT and the brake trifecta lights- ABS, BRAKE and DSC all lit. Code reader said inconsistent readings from left front wheel speed sensor. Replaced the sensor, but no dice. Then I replaced the front wheel bearing – which replaces the toothed wheel that the speed sensor reads to establish wheel speeds. Solved the problem.


Here best source:

you’re going to need to communicate with the car.

You need to register anymore, this piece is preinstalled with BMW software.

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