Best diagnostic scanner for 2011 Express V6 Service Air Bag

Car model and year: 2011 Express V6

Purpose: Service Air Bag

Budget: 100- 150$

What diagnostic scanner to buy:
Autel ML629 – 109usd

Autel MaxiCheck Pro – 180usd
Launch X451/CRP123 – 150usd
Foxwell NT630 Elite – 149usd free shipping
Innova 3160G- $232usd

different (100-150$)


1. Launch CRP123 reviews

I have used launch products and am happy with it what I have. the crp123 is $300 in Canada.
Scan tool will give you a code but you need a load tool for airbag diagnosis. You can make your own for $20.


  1. Foxwell NT630 Elite reviews

Work with 1999 Jaguat XKR( gasoline) and 2010 VW Passat (Diesel)…OK

Work on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my 1999 Wrangler sport …OK

Perform SRS airbag on 2011 Dodge Nitro and 2014 Fiat 500L…OK

Have the ability of bi-directional functions…OK

Clear/reset the airbag light on a 2000 Porsche 986 Boxster…OK

Solid unit without being too heavy and comes in a very nice hard case.

Analyze and graph the O2 sensors…OK

– 2015 Mercedes S550 W222 model turn off an airbag light on OK.

– 2004 Hyundai Sonata AirBag diagnosis OK

– 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK320 clears the SRS light and malfunction warning OK

– Ford Falcon BA V8 ABS diagnosis OK

– Truck GMC the 2005 year reset the airbag OK

-1997 Pontiac Grand Am perform gear tension relief sequence OK

– KIA Sedona 2008 airbag light reset OK

– Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ diesel 2.5 1997 reset SRS Codes OK

It lists error codes

Tell me what’s wrong with my air bag light

Reset the codes

Worked fine with my VW, Dodge, Ford

Read Subaru SRS codes

Read 2 Pontiac’s codes

The live data is what you would expect.

Being able to store codes on the included flash disc is quite nice.



  1. Autel ML629 reviews

There are youtube videos on “Autel MaxiLink ML629 Review – ABS/Airbag/AT/Engine Code Reader Scanner” and “Autel ML629 Review, Delete Check Engine Lights, ABS, SRS, Transmission Code” . You can google ” Autel ML629 airbag” to have the results.


  1. Innova 3160G reviews

Also, you can google and have the results.


To sum up:

Foxwell NT630 Elite wins in:

Main for OBD Full-OBDII Modes

Affordable price


Autel MaxiCheck Pro / Autel ML629 or Launch CRP123 wins in:

Popular brand and higher price


Innova 3160G is the most expensive.


All of the above diagnostic scanner can do airbag reset job for 2011 Express V6, which one to have, it’s up to you.


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Best diagnostic scanner for 2011 Express V6 Service Air Bag