Foxwell NT644 Pro 2019 VS Foxwell NT644 Pro 2018

2019 Foxwell NT644 Pro update: 5 points of hardware improvement and more than 10 special functions added.

 2019 Foxwell NT644 Pro update info:

1). Update improvement: connect Foxwell NT644 Pro to the computer to update instead of taking out TF Card to update via the update tool.

2). Add a “Pause” button for data stream reading, so that you can read, scan, save and cancel the data stream.

3). Add some shortcuts on the machine screen.

4). Add buzzer so that you can here the tone after pressing the button.


  1. Brand new mux outlook and package:


  1. 2019 Foxwell NT644 Pro update: more than 10 special functions

1). ABS, Antilock Brake System

Function list: renewing…

2). SRS, Airbag, service helps clear the fault Airbag memories to reset

Function list:

3). AT/CVT, Continuously Variable Transmission

Function list:!ZYRimIyJ!pOpUYj1JOMWXYJW_hU9OsCczSbCZotSVh6JVoIgxLgk

4). SAS, Steering Angel Sensor, clear the fault steering angle sensor memories

Function list:!tMJ0XASK!j3pRhmWusO3WferHfqGOasgpjZdAdYAjDEE3UXglWzY

5). EPB, Electronic Park Brake System

Function list:!oIAUgC6J!TxYk4k8WADOASQt1S_Jw5b5y7HW4pMvTPGWcsVEOthI

6). DPF, Diesel Particulate Filter

Function list:!IYRS3aZS!FXkpbPXBvZPj5qnwA79vgxgpi84IC2zHEUzy95uB1JA

7). OilReset, Oil Light Service Reset, reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil

Function list:!QFQSQAoL!-dVxYwnWr1We2my5qGwoiDdOaG0brXJ19awSUBEsUwU

8). TBA/TPS , Throttle Body Alignment

Function list: Updating…

9). BRT, Battery Replacement Reset, adapt the new battery to ECU work properly

Function list: renewing…

10). Injector Coding

Function list:!0EIWAKYZ!tzAgYOrBd8JCdkOu433x2g2_K6vACMZFMDkvRPfGt9A


11). TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring Sytem, reset your TPMS more safe and concise

Function list: renewing…

12). Gear Learn, allow to relearn the communication of gear position information.

Function list:!1UAWiQrA!BVCq3zMWUEsBSN_wazrzjs1U_ydqYkBN2vk1oD5W9f4

13). Odometer ,Exchange Odometer

Function list:!5RZUQIyb!10q5DHaQQ2JP9FIoRpFkFu13qCjC00tZEdgNMhj0S_I


Foxwell NT644 Pro special functions car list:


  1. Foxwell NT644 PRO professional diagnostic functions

After a system is selected and the scanner establishes communication with the vehicle, the Function Menu displays. The menu options may include:

  • Read Codes
  • Freeze Frame Data
  • Erase Codes
  • ECU Information
  • Live Data

Source: Foxwell NT644 PRO user manual (Page 13-page 26)

Attach some operation images:


  1. Add $99 for a full set of connectors (15pcs) to support the vehicles before 2000 year.

These adapters include:

1pc of BMW-20P Connector
1pc of Mercedes Benz-38P Connector
1pc of GM/Dawoo-12P Connector
1pc of Mazda-17P Connector
1pc of Toyota-17P Connector
1pc of Kia-20P Connector
1pc of Toyota-22P Connector
1pc of Honda-3P Connector
1pc of Nissan-14P Connector
1pc of Audi-4P Connector
1pc of PSA-2P Connector
1pc of Fiat-3P Connector
1pc of Mitsubish12+16P Connector


  1. Foxwell NT644 PRO enjoy free lifetime free update online

OS requirements: WIN7, WIN8, WIN10

following the following image instruction to update Foxwell NT644 PRO.


  1. Free to add one language for Foxwell NT644 PRO

English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and much more.

Compare the similar diagnostic tool (Autel), it is free to add one more language as you like.


Are you ready to have one Foxwell NT644 PRO at such a reasonable price?


Best wishes.

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