2010 Chrysler four system diagnosis by Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT414

According to a foxwelltool.com real user’s experience, Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT414 works fine on my 2010 Chrysler.


In the following paragraph, I put together his questions and foxwelltool customer service replies. Hope it can help others.


To foxwelltool.com:

Oct 28, 2016

Hi, I am interested in the NT624 multi brand all systems scanner. The cars I own at present are a 2010 dodge caravan, a 1998 Suzuki Swift and a 1985 BMW 318i. ( I have a service light reset tool for the BMW already and I am not sure a scanning tool works on this model?).

1.Is the NT624 the best tool for what I have.

2.Do I have to purchase additional software for different brands or is it inbuilt?

  1. Is there a future update to include AU ford and Holden?
  2. Can it scan motorcycles? I have a 2007 Triumph Sprint
  3. Last question, about how much to ship to Australia?


Oct 28

Foxwelltool.com<sales@FoxwellTool.com >

Here are answers to your questions:

  1. Would you please tell the function you wish to do on each car model so that I will be able to tell which tool suits you best. As each car model would have different functions.
  2. The software is already installed and you can update it online.
  3. Sorry, all the software on our website won’t update to support AU ford and holden, please note.
  4. This tool can only support cars or other model with OBDI and OBDII protocols.
  5. We offer free shipping to Australia if you purchase on our website.


Nov 1

To foxwelltool.com:

Hi Emilia, I have done some homework and think that the AutoMaster Pro NT414 All Brand Vehicle Four System Diagnostic Tool Is probably better suited to my needs. Just a few questions though. If I was to plug into a vehicle that was OBDII, that wasn’t supported on your vehicle menu, would I still get some generic readings from that vehicle? Also the updates seem a bit pricey for a hobby mechanic if it needs to be done every year. My understanding is that I can update whenever I like for $100 and that gives me a year of updates. Is that correct?


Nov 2

Foxwelltool.com<sales@FoxwellTool.com >

Generally speaking, it will support most cars with OBDII to read the generic data. And you can enjoy 18 months free updating with NT414, after that 100USD/year and of course, you can update it whenever you like.


Then he talked with foxwelltool.com customer service about price, shipping and invoice.


Nov 4

The package has been shipped by DHL, Foxwelltool.com customer service write an email to him with tracking number and DHL site.



Dec 1

To Foxwelltool.com

Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT414 works fine on my 2010 Chrysler.

1999 Jaguar S type goes into Failsafe Engine Mode, Plugged in the NT414 scanner hey presto a list of error codes and their translations! Perfect – off to buy a new pedal position sensor.

Also has worked on Jaguar ABS, Peugeot Auto Gearbox, Toyota airbag, early Zafira Diesel engine codes.


Besides, reset the oil change reminder on 2015 Porsche Macan, OK.

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2010 Chrysler four system diagnosis by Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT414