2008 BMW X3 codes EG5, 54C6, 6E3E, scan tool recommendation

Car model and year: 2008 BMW X3



had three warning lights on: 4X4, airbag and brake (amber).


What I Did:

I did the transfer case actuator gear replacement, and changed the fluid in the transfer case with BMW Xcase oil DTF 1 (850 ml). I erased the lights with a Creader 123 Pro but came back.


The result:

The X3 feels like is running with a locked differential and acceleration is not smooth.

Creader does not allows me to reset the oil back to 100%.

Trouble codes:
These are the codes I am getting:
EGS Gearbox oil wear
DTC Status Current

54C6 Oil Wear
Status Current

Steering Angle Sensor Adjustment required
DTC Status Current.
What budget scan tool would allow me to calibrate the SAS, and the oil back to 100%?


This depends greatly on your budget.
For instance, you can get Autel for 100$, which will give you access to engine, ABS and airbags.
For other systems, such as x-drive, you would need something like carly.


The Foxwell NT520 will allow you to reset VTG (transfer case) adaptations. You can clear the codes with it and with INPA. Not certain about the SAS code.




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2008 BMW X3 codes EG5, 54C6, 6E3E, scan tool recommendation