09 Honda Odyssey super slow acceleration: foxwell nt510 elite works

09 Honda odyssey had multiple oil leaks, then installed 3 new cats, and a new steering rack that was leaking. IT ACCELERATES SUPER SLOW OUT OF A DEAD STOP. Recommended using Foxwell NT510 Elite Honda scanner.

Car model and year: 09 Honda odyssey


Had multiple oil leaks so bought an under 60,000-mile japan direct engine and trans combo, installed them. Installed 3 new cats and new steering rack that was leaking. IT ACCELERATES SUPER SLOW OUT OF A DEAD STOP, ESPECIALLY UPHILL.



Given that you did all that work and spent all that money, I would recommend you invest in a bidirectional code scanner such as the Foxwell NT510 Elite. They cost about $129 on foxwelltool.com and $170 on Amazon. Make sure you get the Honda version.


BTW, once you have your Foxwell code scanner with the Honda software, you can buy and download the software for other vehicle manufacturers. Costs about $70 each. I think the Foxwell can store up to 5 different vehicle manufacturers.



Why did you install 3 new cats, and what brand did you install? Is there more to the story here? Your symptom can be caused by lots of different things. A plugged exhaust will do this. If the cats were burned up, are you sure you don’t also have a blocked muffler or resonator further down the line? Second, is the lack of fuel. To check this you’ll need a scan tool so we’ll need to wait until you receive it before going any further.

Second question, do you have the check engine light on? If so, that may shed some light when you get your tool and can read codes.



There is so much more to the story, yes! When we first bought the van it had an oil leak in gasket covers so we fixed it but it was still smoking so we thought the cats had oil in them from it burning oil so we hollowed them out like idiots to see if that was the problem and it wasn’t… we found another oil leak in the valve covers and that’s when we determined it had probably overheated in the past and we better sell it now or buy a new engine and we decided on a new engine and we got a set with a new trans so we went ahead and replaced both and then had to buy 3 new cats bc we messed them up. Idk what brand, the husband bought them but he did say he wished he bought more expensive ones that came with heat guards bc these didn’t and we had to wrap in that heat guard tape…. could crappy cats be our problem? Today, I drove the van bc it was only 85 degrees and it did so much better. Maybe it’s in my head but could the heat be messing with a sensor in some way? I cannot wait for our tool to arrive!



A severe lack of power, with no check engine light, could definitely be plugged exhaust. Going with aftermarket catalytic converters is not a reliable repair. If they work at first, they usually fail within a year. The best way to test something like this is to do a backpressure test of the exhaust. You need some way to put a pressure gauge (most vacuum gauges will show a bit of pressure) into the exhaust. The easiest way is to use the O2 sensor hole and fashion up an adapter to be able to hook the gauge up to it. You shouldn’t have anything more than 1 psi of backpressure in the exhaust and even that would be a little high.

To check for adequate fuel delivery during wide-open throttle you can look at the oxygen sensor data on the scan tool. This gets a bit technical so if it’s beyond capabilities you should be able to take it somewhere and have it diagnosed.


Good luck!





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09 Honda Odyssey super slow acceleration: foxwell nt510 elite works