07 Cayman 987 Weird Rev limiting solution by Foxwell NT530


07 Porsche cayman 987 has a strange issue where it seems to be limited to about 4-4.5k rpm. Happens on hard and soft acceleration. Almost feels like traction control kicking in but it’s isn’t.
During one attempt to test its symptoms and it did clear for a few seconds and the car accelerated quickly. Then the engine cut out, but restarted fine afterwards.
No CEL and my cheap obd2 reader shows nothing.

07 Cayman 987 Weird Rev limiting solution by Foxwell NT530



The fuel filter is part of the fuel pump and considered “lifetime” by Porsche..


The cheapo OBD-II reader won’t do the job. Porsches can have misfires that never set off the OBD-II/SES light. The ECU does store a record of them, but it’s only really readable using a Porsche specific tool (or one capable of Porsche specific diagnostics.) That would be the first place I’d look – misfires can trigger this sort of behavior – the misfiring cylinder(s) are actually turned off to prevent fuel washdown on the cylinder walls. You also can do diagnostics on the MAF and variable-valve-timing. My suggestion for a 987 is the Foxwell NT530. Price is right (less than $160 if you ask nicely) and the software is excellent for the 957 (specifically – it’s not as advanced for some newer Porsche models, but I expect it will get there..) I bought mine from the factory supplier in the US https://www.foxwelltool.com/  – send the sales email a message asking for a better price and they’ll get back to you. At least that worked for me. Delivery was 2 days – in stock in the US apparently. You want to order it with one-vehicle-manufacturer included in the price, then you go to their website when you get it and download the Porsche software.


Credits to @ deilenberger for his positive feedback.

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07 Cayman 987 Weird Rev limiting solution by Foxwell NT530